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For as long as he can remember, Ed has always been fascinated  with the wildlife of North America. Growing up in New York City, far away from any wilderness, his interest, by necessity, was limited to reading books and watching any film he could find  on the subject.

That all changed during his first major camping trip to Ontario's  Algonquin Park. There his dream of seeing a wild wolf was realized. From then on, the hook was set, and he began wilderness camping whenever possible in Alaska and Canada.  Camping then morphed into the desire to capture the animals with a camera and for the past twenty five years he has been fortunate to pursue this quest.

Because the exciting and challenging part of photographing wildlife  involves knowing the species, its environment,  then tracking and locating it, he is only interested in photographing free roaming animals.  All photos on this site are just that, animals living in the wild.

In this age of digital manipulation it is important to note that beyond adjustments for light, color and clarity the animals "captured" here appear just as he observed them.

"Wilderness is the undiluted work of the Creator"

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